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9 thoughts on “ The Re-Invention Of The Electric Clitar - Zarkoffs Coming - Swig Noise Fuckers Club (CDr)

  1. The electric guitar, first produced by Adolph Rickenbacker in , changed music by intensifying the sound and creating a louder volume that could cut through noise in bars and nightclubs (Rickenbacker, ). By focusing less on shouting, singers could focus .
  2. SCOM Exam 2. SCOM Exam 2. 1. XM and Sirius are examples of. 2. The musical genre of dance music known as _____was originated in the s by black DJs who combined live and recorded mixes, improvisational spoken‐word poetry, and rhythmic tempos.
  3. Oxford University Press USA publishes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, children's books, business books, dictionaries, reference books.
  4. An acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal; built in to a device Boom Mic Usually using a pole (or "fishpole") with a mic attached to the end; used to hold the mic as close to the actors or action as possible.
  5. Pitch is determined by the frequency of a sound wave. High pitch sounds create more vibrations and produce more sound waves so the waves are more frequent (squished together). Low pitch sounds vibrate less so they produce less sound waves so the waves are less frequent and spread apart. Think of our jump rope activity.
  6. Grunge, or the Seattle sound, is a type of rock music that became quiet popular in the late s and early s. It began in Seattle, Washington. Grunge musicians rejected the dramatic an expensive stage productions that were trendy at the time. There music was striped down with an emphasis on distorted electric .
  7. A century of technological innovation, from sound recording to the Internet, had an impact on every aspect of music. True A series of popular televised events were .
  8. The music itself is composed in such a manner that the sound of the music reflects the meaning of the text. For instance, an allusion to heaven in the text might be set to a vocal line that is rising in pitch, or the mention of “pain” or “tears” in the text might be set to harsh sounding, dark, or dissonant music.
  9. Study 9 Ch. 34 flashcards from Kate T. on StudyBlue. the "exotic" mortgage instrument of recent years is exemplified by the; as the ojibwa people of grassy narrows found out, the symptoms of methyl mercury poisoning mimic the effects of.

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