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8 thoughts on “ The Planets

  1. The Nine Planets has been online since and was one of the first multimedia websites that appeared on the World Wide Web. Take an interactive tour of the solar system, or browse the site to find fascinating information, facts, and data about our planets, the solar system, and beyond.
  2. Apr 27,  · Mars Venus Mercury Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Sorry about the ads, I didnt place them there and youtube doesnt let me remove them.
  3. The Planets of the Solar System This website is an easy-to-follow overview of the historical, scientific, cultural and mythological facts of our solar system. Topics include space facts, the planets, galaxies, black holes and other objects found in the solar system.
  4. Jul 30,  · All About the Planets Our solar system is home to eight amazing planets. Some are small and rocky; others are big and gassy. Some are so hot that metals would melt on the surface.
  5. These planets could therefore attract and keep hold of more of gas from the gas disk. This is one theory as to why the gas giants became so large, and why there is a divide in planet size between the small inner rocky planets and the outer gas giants. As time continued, the workings of gravity and the solar wind eventually resulted in the solar.
  6. Aug 22,  · With Erik Dellums, Hakeem Oluseyi, Michael Massimino, Erik Asphaug. Episodes are about individual planets in our solar system/10(10).
  7. Aug 22,  · Two other planets, Uranus and Neptune, were discovered after the telescope was invented in the early s. Astronomer William Herschel, who is credited with discovering Uranus in , wanted to.
  8. A planet is an astronomical body orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity, is not massive enough to cause thermonuclear fusion, and has cleared its neighbouring region of planetesimals. The term planet is ancient, with ties to history, astrology, science, mythology, and religion.

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